Two Faced

Latex Cast work and Scuplture

Two Faced was a primary project for me to learn new skills and new ways of exploring.  Inspired by the famous Chinese dish Fish Maw -  a tradition to eat the dish to boost their collagen to look younger and healthier.

This natural version is a substitute of Plastic surgery. This piece is personal to me, as this subject matter has been a topic of difference between my Mother and I.  My mother’s traditions means her perspective of beauty and fashion is different to mine, and desires an ‘aesthetic’ I don't agree with.

The “fish maw'' this piece is made out of dried up latex which looks similar to the pre-cooked fish maw as they both resonate with plastic. The process of making this latex is similar to fish maw, except the processes have reversed. The resemblance of the food and this medium has some uncanny similarities that contributes to the realistic outcome of this sculpture. Through this project I learn how one can use Art as a means to explore unanswered and current discussion of one's relationships with others.