L’elisir d’amore 

Glass Blown Sculpture

This sculpture is made through the process of glass blowing, flame work and marvering. Glass was chosen as the media to emphasise the fragility of human emotions stemmed from human interactions such as love. This sculpture is based on a self written touching story that emphasises the meaning of life, happiness and the different angles of viewing life when faced with challenges.

Emmeline is born into a provencial town and dreams to be a dancer. She is the odd one out in her town, where everything is dull and everyone is focused on money making. Although different, her beauty and talent is what captivates the hearts of many, including boys from her school. Her soulmate Jack and his dad lives in a small cottage by the graveyard as his dad is the graveyard guard. Emmeline and Jack have built a special connection since they first met years ago by Emmeline’s mother’s grave, where Jack consoled her. Ever since, they have been inseperable which aroused the jealousy of one of Emmeline’s classmates and fan, Nem. Nem is a wealthy boy, who’s father is an enchantor and gemologist. He has fallen head over heels for Emmeline and is mesmerized by her aura and therefore decides to sabotage their relationship by getting rid of Jack. He apporached his father, with the idea of perishing Jack forever using his magic. His father being a good enchantor questions whether this is the right thing to do and dismisses his son’s plans, advising him to bless Emmeline and Jack’s relationship if he really loves her. Outof rage, Nem grabs his father’s wand and threatens to break it if his father disobeys. Unwillingly, his father summons Jack and shatters him into dust in front of Nem. He then conjures up and builts a house next to their palace and asks Nem to gift it to Emmeline to woo her. Emmeline although touched by the gesture, refuses at first, telling Nem that her heart lies with another. However, in sight of the disappearence of Jack, she feels disorientatated and is in a vulnerable place. Nem then convinces her that a change of scene might help her recover and persuaders her to vist the house. Once she step foot in the welcoming foyer, she had a change of heart and completely fell in love with it, allowing her to feel warm and comfortable in the cold and dull town. Captivating her attention was a talking mirror that would give her confidence whenever she looked into it. Feeling confident and hopeful living in this house and therefore agrees to give Nem a chance.

A few years later, the enchantor falls incredibly ill and decides to visit Emmeline wanting to tell her the truth before he passes. However, not wanting to sabotage his beloved son, he tells Emmeline that Jack has been alive all along and is in a Utopia, where sorrows do not exist. Refusing to expose more, he leaves Emmeline in confusion. Wanting to reunite with her first love, Emmeline visits a few places where she thinks sorrows were not existent including a toy store, a candy factory, her dancing stage and a carnival. About to give up, she passes a terror card booth at the carnival where the lady calls upon her. “ That’s a beautiful neckalce you have around your neck?” she said. Emmeline answers “ thank you miss, it’s from a very special childhood friend, who i am searching for” The lady then instantly reconises Emmeline from a desciption someone had told her and tells her that her necklace is the key to her answers. Both disappointed and confused, Emmeline quickly rushes home to find places where her necklace would fit. Having looked around and not having a single clue, she approaches her mirror asking for help. At this moment, she realises a decorative heart shape indent in the border of the mirror. She then slowly takes off the necklace and pushes it into the mirror. Instantly, her heart is filled with joy and sorrow as she sees Jack’s reflection all around her room, realizing that he was with her the whole time. However, this was not the only truth she learnt. She called out to Jack but there was no response, learning the hard truth that Jack passed away long ago and was living in heaven, “the utopia world”. All they could do was look through the portal and see what each other were doing, without being able to interact. Although they will never be able to reunite, they lived with fufilled hearts, acknowleding the happiness of having each other’s company.