Work in Process

Scupltural Casting [Positive to Negative]

Inspired by the Underwater museum- Museo Atlantico Lanzarote. This sculpture aims to explore the impermanence of humanity. With dried and shrivelled flowers embedded into the model, it symbolises decay.  Theplaster aims to cover the structure and features of the human form, suggesting the decomposition and fermentation of flesh. I enjoyed using this medium as it was reflective of how I pressed and pushed into the clay - leaving my traces.  A lightbulb is used inside the head which symbolises the uncontrollable reality of aging, pulling a metaphor that human life is as fragile as a lightbulb, fizzling out as time passes. The sculpture was a link to the sculptural work of Carolee Schneemann - Body Politics who also used found objects and light bulbs to generate objects exploring the femine perspective on life, or in this project, death.